Electronic Tracking Device Make You Live a Better Life

Believe it or not, electronic tracking device has been penetrated to our daily life. You may don’t know how the GPS works, but you can’t deny that your life is closely related to GPS. When you drive your vehicle, entering a remote area and getting lost, the first thing you do is to turn the GPS for help. What is more, with the help of the electronic tracking device, you can find the exact location and go anywhere you want to go.

electronic tracking device

Generally speaking, there are 24 satellites rotating around the earth, usually two rounds every day. Being in 6 different orbits, those satellites are positioning accurately and send the information back. By this way, we can conveniently get the location information as soon as possible. Another advantage of GPS is that motorcycle tracking device won’t be affected by weather, sunshine, rain or storm. Therefore, even it rains dogs and cats or winds terribly, the electronic tracking device can still be your good partner.

According to the survey, the needs for electronic tracking device devices are increasing sharply. For countries with high crime rate, electronic tracking device, to some extent, is definitely a useful tool. That is why more and more government and enterprises are adopting electronic tracking devices to monitoring vehicles, manage fleet, as well as manage assets. Though the electronic tracking devices often be used to find out the exact position, such as buildings, landmarks, scenery, electronic tracking devices can also be used to find a person, making you have a peace of mind. As a result, electronic tracking devices are applied under many circumstances, from keeping an eye on the disabled to monitoring violent criminals.

Apart from the disabled and the criminals, electronic tracking devices are widely used by children, youngsters. Think about it. One of your children is about to learning how to drive, but you can not always stand by his side. Then how do you make sure that he is safe? Why not buy a electronic tracking device for him and erases all your worries. We are being injected a lot of bad news, such as traffic accidents, smuggling, kidnap and so on. Ensuring the safety of your loved ones GPS kid tracker is not an easy task. But electronic tracking device can share some of your burden.

If you are running trucking or vehicle services, you might be haunted by the missing cars. After all, you have to stare on hundreds or even thousands of vehicles with only two eyes. Why not choose a rather convenient way? Find the electronic tracking device devices and buy it. GPS tracking enables you check the mobile status while on the road. Drivers will be more responsible as they are aware that their actions are being watched by you. This little device will not only increase your productiveness, raises financial savings and improving efficiency.

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Electronic Tracking Device Make You Live a Better Life

Solution to Cargo Logistics Security by portable GPS tracker for car

Expensive goods and important products always need to be taken care of, but recently something improves the risk of goods. With the improvement of longer supply chains add touch points, the more and more holes appears, therefore, many criminal organizations aimed at the hole and the cargo security should concern. We can see that the cargo theft has increased 34% in 2014, and rose in Asia as well, according the professional research, the greatest risk of cargo theft currently exists in Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa, and the main method is hijacking. In fact, every market has own risk, and security managers should have a knowledge of different cultural normals and business practices. Such as some risks which caused by terrible weather, political unrest, natural disaster and others.
Although people manufacture various solutions to address those risks continuously, but the criminals also continually adapt their tactics. A strategy which is a favorite tool of polices that called portable GPS tracker for car, but thieves still have their solution, the device which next to them has the functions of blocking the vehicle’s GPS signal and hijack the trunk, quickly reload the cargo onto a second vehicle. But Jimilab’s technology which based on RF beacons will make you not worry about the issues, it can counteract the jamming detection and other tactics. portable GPS tracker for car has solution to meet the cargo logistics requirement to long haul logistics and retail distribution, it has a matured tool which based on the management system and robust GPS technology. Here I will introduce some details of GPS tracking system in Jimilab.

GPS – we can track your vehicle, employees, and freight at all times easily and communicate with the drivers. And the system allow monitoring.
Manage and Secure Asserts – GPS/AVL technology combine advances national alarm technology and sensor technology in a unique way.
Cargo Security – We can supply GPS bag for the protection of vehicle, and the GPS tracking system has a unique combination of alarms and an ignition kill switch.
Covert Installation – Because of some criminals have known that portable GPS tracker for car which put on the vehicle roof and make GPS tracker magnetic not work well, but portable GPS tracker for car in Jimilab make you not worry about this, we are your fisrt supplier of GPS tracker and solve the issue easily, because it is covertly installed.

Today’s solution have to need the network connectivity of your mobile device. With solutions of vehicles, GPS phone tracker online just designed specifically for meeting the requirments of the transportation and cargo logistics industries, as for the assistants or the boss you can overcome tough economic challenges by improving the efficiency of your operation—and your workers with portable GPS tracker for car. If you think the advise is useful and want to get one or more, welcome to click at Jimilab.com.
Solution to Cargo Logistics Security by portable GPS tracker for car

Magnetic GPS tracking device is a Better Tool to Help Catch Criminals

Nowadays everyone has noticed that more and more crime around the world but still a lot of criminals also failed to nab, in fact, it is even in a growth trend, we have to try our best to protect ourselves and our asserts while the police forces to the increasing crime wave. Recently with the inventions and developments in science and technology, a new tool has appeared, it is magnetic GPS tracking device. It can help us and police in our combined fighr against crime with innovations such as small vehicle tracking devices which can be easily attached to any vehicle, these small portable tracker depends on the Global Satellie Position system or magnetic GPS tracking device to constantly where they are or their accuate locations, speed and direction of driving.
Some polices also use global positioning systems, or magnetic GPS tracking device in their vehicles. Because this GPS technology can deal with the emergency quickly and easily, as well as allow those policemen to pacify callers who want to know how far the help is. In addition, when an officer student GPS is in a trouble and even can not get his location back to base, and the magnetic GPS tracking device will broadcast the officer’s position, speed of travel and location, then reduce some unnecessary trouble. It is not only the vehicle tracking device but also can monitor your assets or your family members. The obvious advantage is that people can know where wanted persons are, but there are some disadvantages also appear, it is the threat that big brother and the nanny state might be taking over. Therefore, law enforcement departments can take the tracking device as reasonal action when put it in others’ vehicle, but inviduals should put it in their own vehicles.
The newest vehicle tracking devices are really portable and they can be attached to or hidden in a vehicle very quickly and easily, just need several minutes. In fact, what you really need to do is login to a website which the tracking system service provider such as Jimilab.com and find out the maps which show where the tracker is now no matter historical information on previous locations, even the speed of his driving. This means when using the real-time GPS tracking system to magnetic GPS tracking device at all times through the Internet from anywhere in the world. In a word, this is now a real global service.
However, in order to the protection of privacy, goverment has allowed not use this kind of device, but now te goverment decide to revise GPS child tracking device privacy protevtion guidelines to allow police to more easily use a the global positioning system data of mobile device, such as mobile phone, notebook computer or others for criminal investigations. Although the police has to inform targeted persons that their magnetic GPS tracking device data is being used by the police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to remove the requirement, allowing police to secretly track criminal suspects without their knowledge. The National Police Agency has called for removing the requirement, arguing that it has made it difficult to use magnetic GPS tracking device information for investigation.
Maybe many people want to knwo where to buy a magnetic GPS tracking device and how to use it, Jimilab is a quite good website to feel glad to help you solve all the problems. If you want to learn more about the magnetic GPS tracking device, welcome to enter into our website at Jimilab.com and contact with us.
Magnetic GPS tracking device is a Better Tool to Help Catch Criminals

Some Guidances of portable asset tracker

Whether we are out of home, security is the most important thing in our mind, let alone traveling or do some outdoor activities such as freeride, mountain walking or climbing, paragliding are those where accidents can be serious or fatal. Having the possibility to follow physically the position of a person on regular basis can be comfortable for family, relatives or others. Well, portable asset tracker solves this problem well. The GPS tracking device is meant to propose a simple and portable solution for people to get traced during a trip. The application is web based and should be available for every people who have the possibility to.

  • Run a small Java application on its mobile phone.
  • Has link between a GPS device and its mobile phone.
  • Has Internet access.

In fact, this concept is so new that there are a lot of applications involving GPS are available on the market, nowadays almost every new car is equipped with a GPS on board and help people in city or country side to find their road; Parents can put the portable GPS tracker in the school bag of the kids and can know where the kid is at any point of time. Kids can press a panic button of the device in case of any problems and phone call will be connected to the parent’s mobile and keep on dialing till he picks up the phone. Just we call it SOS button in Jimilab; It’s also quite useful for companies for tracking their sales staff, for military persons as the commander will know the location of his personnel any time when he is at battle field or patrolling, It is also useful for police force to track their staff and officers anytime they want. From the above, Application of portable GPS tracker includes valuable property, medical facility, electric facility, petro facility, special professional personnel, such as policemen,soldiers, prison administrators, security guard, etc. Except those, it is also helpful for disadvantaged groups, such as elders, kids, patients, etc. Of course, it is also for outdoor-sports groups,such as go-abroad, traveling and exploring, etc.


Here are Some Test Steps for Portable GPS Tracker:

1. Get a active SIM card with both GSM SMS and GPRS data service. Make sure the SIM card can send SMS and have GPRS function.

2. Insert the SIM card, and make sure install the cover or waterproof rubber properly. Because only you install the waterproof rubber or the cover properly,the SIM card will have a good contact with our GPS motorcycle tracker.

3. Check Installation. Call the tracker SIM card, and see whether it’s with signal. If it can ring, but won’t pick up the phone, it means the SIM card is with signal, and you can go next.

4. Set the master number. It’s very important. The right command is: *master*123456*+45XXXX*

5. Set the APN. It’s very important. The right command is: *apn*apn content*apn user*apn password*. if you didn’t get any reply, then please kindly check whether your SIM card is with active GPRS or GSM SMS service, or whether your sim card is fit well.

6. Login into web tracking platform. After set the right apn and master number, then you can go to our web platform: http://www.jimilab.com input the master number and password to login in.

A GPS tracking device from Jimilab setted up completely and ready to use, and it need not some technology. For real time tracking, once when you receive your portable tracking device, what you need to do is just log into your mapping panel and then you will be receiving tracking information immediately. There is no need for specialist software, just an internet connection by a mobile device. For tracking a stolen vehicle or missing relative persons, GPS child tracking device can be especially useful if you are tracking while on the move yourself. Otherwise, Jimilab also supplies GPS tracker app which are available for both Apple and Android devices to make the process of portable GPS tracker even much easier.

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Some Guidances of portable asset tracker

Build Your Own Tracking System with Vehicle GPS Tracker

When you found your car or motorcycle stolen outside your home or your office, call the police is a possible method, but in fact, what the police is able to do apart from log the event for insurance purposes. The police will take care of the car or motorcycle but they will not pay much attention on it and the helicopter will not get involved unless the theif uses the car or motorcycle in the course of committing another offence, such as a robbery, or drives the car or motorcycle in such a manner that draws attention to it. We all know that commercial tracking system is quite expensive, so why do you take this matter into your hands and build your own tracking system. Having your own web-based mobile GPS tracking system doesn’t have to be a complicated and expensive ordeal. Now you can build your own simple mobile GPS tracking system with motorcycle tracking app from a laptop and have the data delivered, via Internet, right to your own computer. With the addition of a webserver, and Google Maps client-side JavaScript, you’ll be able to see the data over the web on an interactive map!

Well, if you want to build your own mobile tracking system with electronic tracking device, you have to need these elements: An old but working GSM mobile phone with SIM card, and an in car charger to match the phone; One plastic box bigger than the phone but as small as possible, it is used for the patting box, perferably one with screws to secure the lid and avaiable from a electronics retailer; A small amount of potting compound, available from a good electronics retailer. Industial strength self adhesive velcro strip (enough to cover the rear of the phone); Length of two core 5amp flex length depending on how far from the vehicle battery you are fitting the unit; Inline fuse holder, avaiable from a local auto parts dealer. (with 1 amp fuse); Battery terminal connectors.


Well, the next step you should build your vehicle GPS tracker. Cover the back of your mobile phone with one side of the velcro strips. Remove the pip and solder the brown lead from your flex to this connection, remove the side spring and solder the blue lead from your flex to this connection. Carefully tape over the solder joints you have made, and place together with any components that were in the charger into the potting box with the potting compound and allow to cure. Once cured the components will be protected from moisture and damage. Connect the charger to the phone. Site the tracker unit out of site but where it will not be subject to excessive vibration, or where moisture may get into the unit. Also as far away as possible from things like alternators, indicator relays, electronic ignition units, and other sources of possible RF interference.

Whenever you turn on a mobile phone, it has at leat three cell base units, sometimes it has more units which choose your cell phone signals, the signal between each cell sites is compared to ensure the signal strength. This is known as triangulation and accuracy increase the more cell sites are involved. Jimilab is a professional supplier of GPS tracker, if you want to get these devices and solutions, welcome to contact with us.

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Build Your Own Tracking System with Vehicle GPS Tracker

Driving Safety Awareness Enhancement Makes Rearview Mirror with Camera Attractive

Rearview mirror with camera has been a standard feature of the car in some foreign countries though we just only can see it on Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other high level cars. In China, rearview mirror with camera is still a not well-known product. What is the rearview mirror with camera? It is a tool which placed in car, its mainly function is recording driving video, you can restore the true situation during car driving. but in Jimilab, it also can be a 3G navigator. In fact, in China, a wide range of using rearview mirror with camera completely due to a social case which one is right, it also make road traffic becomes scared, people can not distinguish who’s wrong and right, then the rearview mirror with camera goes into our sight at this point. But what is feature of this product? The fucntion of it is recoding driving video shooting, because the road has no time limit, so long time for driving makes the storage of driving video to be difficult, so all the rearview mirror with camera is taken by circle way to solve this problem and do not depend on expansion of memory card to keep the continuity of shooting.
Nowadays the driving situation is worse, honest drivers becomes less and less, usually there appears strange cars drive to the road which belong him, this requires it to have clear recoding and enough wide perpective, so wide perspective has been the most advantage in the market although there is still some products which are not honest, but wide angle lens has been a necessary condition of the car DVR. Even smart phone can achieve the functions of running background and cycle film by applying the software, but the video coverage of perspective and rearview mirror with camera are similar.
Night version recorder is another feature of the rearview mirror with camera, although it has not been the level of night version, but it still can capture clear video under the condition of the light in the night and most rearview mirror with cameras usually have night vision infrared fill light, ensure it can meet all-weather requirements. In other features, there have been different versions: before and after double shooting and the situation inside the vehicle in front, rearview camera module, simultaneous car and the car in front of the shooting, attached the navigator PND, a navigation and driving record one machine function. And after a period of development, it appeares DVR built-in GPS module and G-sensor acceleration sensor phenomenon, such as JC 900 rear view mirror for monitor in Jimilab.

On the current market development and degree of social concern, the driving security products more and more people’s attention. In fact, current development direction is good, cycling and shooting motion detection become necessary functions of the rearview mirror with camera. Although appearances are varied, almost they are small, the standard is that do not block the driver’s line of sight and take up less interior space. Whether rearview mirror with camera requires a market standard, CarBox all require manufacturers has high quality. Overall, rearview mirror with camera can restore the real situation, to prevent the situation of unclear confirmation of responsibility, there will be a very good development prospects around the world.
Driving Safety Awareness Enhancement Makes Rearview Mirror with Camera Attractive

Better to Send Your Friends Smart Mirror Car as a Gift

Smart mirror car from Jimilab has 1080HD and 5 inch IPS screen makes your driving safe and happy. We can see many the details from its dash cam, at the same time, navigation function is also often used. Even in a darker environment, it also can help me see clearly, you need to know that is better to send a smart mirror car to your friends, because what you sent to him is not only a electronic gadget just a precious memories and a security certified.

When you travel by your own car, do you record all the beautiful views on the journey? Do you record all the beautiful scenery and cultural accident on the way? Well, rearview mirror with camera from Jimilab help you achieve all the things, smart mirror car is installed permanently on the car windshield and it can record all the voice, image, whatever your happiness and sadness through camera lens, they all will become precious wealth. And What kind of person is suitable for use CarBox? at first, smart mirror car is good for a driver who got his driving license just now, and who has incidents of experiences, who is not confident for his driving, for parents who worries about their childrens’ driving safe, at the same time, it is also suitable for the older people who drives the car. In fact, not only these people, all the people can use it, because the recorded video can be as strong evidence to provide to the police when you met blackmail incident or traffic affair, police can a fair deal with the accident. In addition, the smart mirror car also can record along the road and the interesting scenery.

Smart DVR

Maybe many people worry about the battery, smart mirror car from Jimilab let you rest assured, it has a built-in super capacitor, directly plugged into the car charger. It is unlike other brands which use lithium-ion batteries have burst risk and no electricity, Jimilab’s rearview mirror with camera can provide the whole shooting lane. Accident often happen in the moment, how to do if monitor rear view mirror miss the second in the key point? Rearview mirror with camera from Jimilab supports loop recording does not leak seconds, when the memory card is full, older recordings will automatically overwrite keep new video withour interruption and the car will never full, the larger the preservation of the memory, the large time span. smart mirror car from Jimilab can achieve seamless connection between paragraphs, truly does not leak seconds.

Lots of accidents happened in the night and maybe you will ask me if smart mirror car can record in the night? Well, maybe lots of rearview mirror with camera will be blurred, but this one will be not. it used special sensor and several LED fill light, it is also can keep very clear even in poor light or shooting at night. In the summer, the temperature inside the car is quite high, smart mirror car is very easily damaged if there is not a good thermal conductivity, the rearview mirror with camera from Jimilab adopt the special exclusive thermal shell, it is more resistant to high temperature than general smart mirror car. In a word, smart mirror car from Jimilab is the best choice for car owners of driving.

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Better to Send Your Friends Smart Mirror Car as a Gift