Want to a Safer Home? Try to Wireless Monitor

Home is the place where we feel most comfortable and safe, no matter family members or your family possessions, we are all careful to them. keeping the family member be hurt, as well as not leting the family property be damaged and so on. Fortunately, as with the developments of smart home devices, home security is one of the most popular area to spread these devices. But what we should do when facing with it?

In fact, there are many optional ways to choose for our home security, these methods can help us protect our family members, including childrens, the eldly, even the pets. Of course, it also should include family property.

It is better to let your dogs around your house, if there coming a stanger, the dogs may have a barking to stop him near, but I think wireless camera monitor system is not a method of completely at ease, the animal was not much smarter than man. You can image that if a thief throw a piece of food to attract his attention, and the another man can take the chance to sneak in to your home. So you should not put burden of the family safety on your pets. Some people may think about letting the neighbors to help take care of them, this is also not a good advice. after all still a distance between you and your neighborhood, he or she has their own house and thing, even though they have time to help you do a while, it is not impossible to help you all the time. Therefore, the most suitable way to protect your home is with a wireless monitoring system.

A home security system can reduce the chance of a burglar, which we have mentioned in our blog article. In an advanced system, the control box will activate a siren or other loud alarm noise flashing outdoor lights and a telephone auto-dialer. This alerts the occupants and neighbors that has broken into the house. It drives the intruder away and can inform the police which house has been broken. When you are on a vacation, you may worry about the condition of your home and your things, install a home security system in the home, you will have a relax vacation without having to worry about anything. It is possible to say that you can find a house sitter, but you should make sure that the person you choose is so reliable so that you can trust her completely while you are away. However, surveillance cameras in system used to be only for the rich, but these days, you can get a wireless monitor with wireless security camera systems for less than 200 dollars. At the same time, it is easy to install if you follow the instruction to the letter, or you may end up with no or poor-quality pictures.

Home security systems have different costs because of various bells and whistles. If you have been worried about your home and the things you keep inside your home, you should get a wireless monitor with alarm system. They will help you keep peace of mind in a reasonal price. If you own a home, you should not hesitate to use a wireless monitor. Come to http://www.jimilab.com to get one!

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Want to a Safer Home? Try to Wireless Monitor

Practical Advice on Buying a Home Monitor

For decades, security cameras store recordings through physically connected hard drive, but with the developments of internet, it has brought the ability to store the information at its webserver. It means a larger development on the home security, make it to be easy and cheaper than before. This wireless security camera systems can be connected to internet and receive all the information for the camera through mobile devices, such as tablets, or PCs no matter how long it is.

wireless home monitoring can monitor all the activity in your home easily, If you are parents, you can rest assured to go to work, this camera will help you to look at your children, babysitters, service workers, even your pets. You can image how convenient it is after you install one in your home, save much more time for yourselves. Wireless monitored home security systems can serve many other purposes. You can use a home monitor in the playroom or den to be sure the kids are not into mischief and the dog’s not eating the sofa and your husband does not slack off in repairing the car. Except that, this system also can private tailored to satisfy all your special requests, but you need to ask the professional person about the installation.

wireless home monitoring

If you are considering whether buying a home monitor for home security, in that way, you should have knowledge of this wireless home monitor system, here I sort out some advantages of it.

Advantages of wireless home monitor system from Jimilab

  • Simple and easy to install and remove
  • No complicated cables or wires
  • No limit to the time and location
  • Lithium battery for power failures
  • Remote arm and disarm function
  • Camera coverage range is very large

Warm tips:

Before buying a home monitor, please ensure that home security monitoring system will not be disturbed by other wireless devices. Wireless internet connections and cordless phones can reduce efficient and effective system which operates on a different frequency that will not compete with existing wireless equipment and appliances.

How to buy

A common home monitor is about one hundred dollars with some functions such as Emergency button. In the market, there are many additional functions to monitor but you can’t spend so much time while using all of these functions to monitor, so in term of you, subscribe to a home security service wireless security monitor a nice idea to you. The next step you should know is that what you want to monitor, how many cameras it will take and what types of cameras you’ll need, combine all your requirements to give the expect of wireless home security camera, ask him to recommend all the products to you and compare them to satisfy all you needs as well as possible, at the same time, consider the cost too. When you know what camera you need, you will find proper home monitor even in those on the market in a so widely range of varieties. If you think it is a waste of time to choose and compare, might as well going to Jimilab.com, here are different options to choose, as well as a custom service to meet all your requirements. Take action for it now!

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Practical Advice on Buying a Home Monitor

Some Guidances Before Buying a Rearview Mirror DVR

With the development of GPS technology on camera, it has spread into the car rear mirror to protect the security of drivers. Now it has been a quite popular product in the car accessories. People would like to use the function of recording details when they are driving although there are still some useful functions for our life. This article will discuss something about buying a rear view mirror with gps, hope it can help you.

Basic Knowledge You Need to Know

Rearview mirror dvr belongs car accessories as well as electronics products, it usually put into the car according to different types, in Jimilab, JC 800 car box need to be placed on the car, and JC 600 is placed where the rear view mirror is. they also have many functions, such as recording, navigation, calling, and even some other entertainments. For car owners, whatever car you drive, for making your drive much safer, buying a rearview mirror dvr will give you peace of mind.

What You Should to Do When Buying


It is a quite imporant factor that consider whether you need to buy one, but not the only one, we should choose a suitable price depends on its features and decide which one is valuable to buy. The best way to choose a good rearview mirror dvr is researching different kinds of products and prices before buying, the other way is to reduce the cost and know the main purpose of purchase, ignore those unuseful fucntions.


There are two aspects, quality and time. If there often appear blurred images or sounds, this device sounds useless. Except that, time is also important, we need continuous videos as long as possible, I think many short video will make you crazy. So the rearview mirror dvr you bought need the features of high resolution and long time recording.


Rearview mirror dvr should have long battery time, at least 8-10 hours, and then you will not charge it so frequent, when you want to have a long vacation, it can record all the details without reducing quality of images and sounds.

Rearview Mirror DVR Recommendation

JC800 3G Android GPS Navigation carbox‘s HD 1080P recording make sure every detail is recorded and provide full evidence during conflict. Android latest operating system provides possibilities for easy integration of new softwares, making the device a truly smart assistant while you drive.

android mirror car


  • Android 4.2
  • MTK Dual-Core,1.3GHz
  • 5.5 Inch IPS touch screen
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 3G WCDMA
  • GPS tracking
  • 1080P video recording
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-free Phone
  • TF Card Memory, Max Support 32G


If rearview mirror dvr you choose to buy is comply with all above characteristics, well, do not hesitate and buy smart car mirror now. If they still can not satisfy you, do not need to worry about it, Here is a good website to you, which has many experiences on rearview mirror dvr, want to have a try? Come to click at it now.

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Some Guidances Before Buying a Rearview Mirror DVR

Consider Buying a Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Usually you may met an issue that when you would to go shopping and had to park your motorcycle outside the shopping mall, after a while, you can’t find your motorcycle and even not ensure if you have ride it. Unfortunately all of your things are all locked in it, including your cellphone, money and others, the next things you have to do may be calling the police, call to the insurance company and then call your friends to pick you up. Even though you are disgusted about this, and still can’t find an effective way to solve it. No, no, it doesn’t like this anymore now, it appears a new tool which called motorcycle GPS tracker can solve it. 

Motorcycle Tracking

Why We Need it?

As a motorcycle enthusiast, don’t say that your motorcycle is stolen, even if your motorcycle is wiped of a small piece what is enough to make you crazy, but if you have one motorcycle gps tracker, you won’t be the case. Jimilab provides portable motorcycle gps tracker which used to track your motorcycle, bike or your car, it has been more and more popular around the world even some vehicles are locked by U-locks, it is no longer a secure method. Theives have found the method to solve out the locks with new technology, but GPS tracking offer an available solution to vehicle theft by installing a motorcycle gps tracker on your vehicles. This motorcycle gps tracker has a magnetic clip accessory which can be attach to a magnetic surface or even a bottle holder may be purchased. However, Jimilab’s vehicle GPS tracker is developed into a waterproof GPS tracker and magnetic GPS tracker according to their characteristics. It is a great way to improve motorcycle security, reduce insurance premiums and offer a peace of mind so that in the event of a theft the police will be able to find your motorcycle.

How Does it Work?

The GPS tracking system offers different options to choose GPS tracking device, the owners are not worry about the safety of their vehicles at all. If there is something is tampered, you can configure the GPS tracking system to notify him or her through message or email. Then the owner can receive alert immediacy and can take actions for it to insure the safety of your vehicles. If there is a professional stolen who has a trunk nearby and goes with the vehicle, you also do not need to worry, because the location information which provided by GPS tracker always update automatically. The owner can find out their vehicles and protect your assets and investigate him for legal responsibility at last.


In fact, you can calculate a small account, a motorcycle has spent you a lot of money, if it always be stolen, and you buy new constantly, sound like a so uneconomic thing. But if you buy a simple GPS Tracker which just cost you hundreds of dollars, and only other fee is a monthly monitoring service which prevents your vehicles to be stolen. This GPS tracking software will provide the exact location, street view, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, and more. In reality, it is a particularly wise choice to buy a GPS tracking device for your motorcycle, even other vehicles.

Where to Buy

Jimilab has more than 10 years of experience on Vehicle GPS Tracking Device, got many supports and praises from Inner-industry and customers, Jimilab also offers different kinds of GPS tracker for vehicles, such as bike, motorcycle, cars, fleets and others in a reliable price. If you want to get one for your vehicle, Jimilab will be the best choice for you.

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Consider Buying a Motorcycle GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker – Personal Safety and Precise Location Awareness

With the developments in GPS Tracking Device, the requirements of personal GPS tracker is increasing too. If it can satisfy your needs of safety or offer an effective solution for our kids, for the eldly, for pets and vehicles. We all can to learn and understand step by step.

For Children

According to the survey showed that 90% of 12 to 17 years old kids who have cell phone in 2014, has increased 60% than in 2004. Some companies have launched a plan for parents to keep track of their children to use the GPS tracker, the operation is so simple, just put this mobile device on your chilren’s bag, pocket or other places, just press a button and get all the locations whereever your children go. In terms of the children, it is a portable GPS tracking device as a GPS phone, the mainly function is to ensure the safety and security of childrens. Of course, children should have their own freedom, they still can run, can ride, can play with their friends. This GPS tracker such as Jimilab’s GS503 model is specially designed for gaining the confidence for parents who send their children to feel the world.


For Seniors

However, Personal GPS tracker is not only for child safety, but also for adults. Personal GPS tracker is meant to provide safy of persons including anyone, a child, an adult with a dementia, or even a pet. As for the adults, they can use it with their eldly parents, make sure if they are lost when they go out shopping or walking especially for alzheimer’s or people who are in wheelchairs. And these devices are all small and portable, you can tie it in your wheelchair or put the GPS phone in your pocket, as for the seniors, it is quite an easy thing to achive. We are all serious about people’s safety, let alone for the eldly, these small personal GPS tracker provides real time location direct to our computer or our mobile phone, we can monitor the location information anywhere and anytime, is a really rare device.

senior GPS

For Vehicles

Personal GPS tracker for the vehicles may be common in our life, such as for rental car company, install these electronic trackers on their rental cars, managers can calculated that if he was speeding in their car, where he is, if he spend too much time to do some unnecessary. This measure can improve efficiency and save time effectively. Except that, some car dealerships have been installing this device on new vehicles that allow them to remotely deactivate cars which will then prevent them from starting if people have missed their payments. The device can also cause the car home to honk repeatedly, and has a Car GPS tracker device built in as well, so the location of a vehicle can be known at all times, in case they want to send repo man to repossess the vehicle. Disabling a person’s vehicle could leave a motorist stranded in a dangerous situation, or in the middle of nowhere.

vehicle GPS tracker

For Pets

Of course, Personal GPS tracker also can be used for pets, too! Usually people tie these devices to collar of pets if portable asset tracker has run away or been stolen, and the method of a subdermal implant also avaiable. The same with the common application, people also can know the accurate location of your pet through the map online, you can receive the real time feedback to the pet and perhaps provide automatic notification if you dog goes out of your yards.

Personal GPS tracker

Keep people safe with Personal GPS tracker and know where they are at all times. We Jimilab offers different options for you, On average, just dozens of dollars, the cheapest one only need to be paid to 10 dollars. Want to know more price information, Come to our website to buy it. Please contact us at: http://www.jimilab.com/contact/.

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GPS Tracker – Personal Safety and Precise Location Awareness

Comprehensive Interpretation of Asset Tracker System Application

We can easily know what asset tracker system is, a tracking system or tracking app for your asset. This asset tracker system can be used to monitor all organizational assets. These asset tracker systems can help enterprises to examine all it happened, including when high value goods out and in or how the items be destroyed. Recently asset tracking and GPS technology have been a lot of publicity and even Microsoft company decided to receive an asset tracking company, It’s clear to see that multiformity of the asset system or asset technology began to emerge because we all know the Microsoft so much money and power, and also so famous. But does it suitable for your office or your vehicle even for your family members? It still can be a question which is worth GPS tracker for android discussing.

There are three categories of tracking environments, they are indoor, outdoor, and mixed. In term of asset tracker system, most of it is specific to indoor environment, there they are generally involves the tracking of moving objects such as vehicle and people. Outdoor tracking is often used to navigation, sucha as an airplane’s autopilot. As for the mixed environment, usual applications are personal and asset tracking devices, including encompass warehouse and freight routes. Jimilab’s asset tracking device can help you achieve these functions. In fact, tracking technologies also can be classfied into several categories, but there are two primary classifications of tracking technologies avaiable now: connection dependent and no connectionless. The GPS track it connection dependent technology rely on remote station to determine position, usual example is GPS, and it is also used widely based on asset tracker system.

Here is one point i have to mention, it is that magnetic tracking. In jimilab, asset tracker device also use it, such as JV03, this magnetic tracking works by measuring variations generated magnetic field. It has a obvious advantage it that they usually have a small size, but at the same time it has a obvious disadvantage is that requires careful control of the evironment in which they operate, because the nearby presence of ferrous objects and electrical instruments in the operating room can influence their measurements. GPS tracking device has been more and more popular for fleet management and persons, especially the elderly and childrens. Asset tracker not only insure the efficience of production but also can help a drive to be a good driver. Asset tracker can be installed in your car and help you anti-thief, anti-burgary, as for some high value cargo, it can locate your assets, as for persons, such as old man in a wheelchair, A GPS tracker can alert a caregiver the instant a special needs patient wanders outside of their home, or help relatives locate someone who is lost. I think it does not need to consider more, just go to buy it. If you want to buy asset tracker for your company, you need to consider lots of thing, such as the size, value and number of assets that have to be tracked by the system and then compared with these systems to find out a suitable asset tracker system, except that you student GPS also need to know the accurate location and routes of your asset. In the construction industry this may have to as exact as knowing what side of a building the asset is on, whereas in the logistics industry it may just be the location of an asset on a road.

Asset tracker is the best way to know where your valuable goods. These asset trackers in Jimilab have long battery time, quite suitable for your vehicles and the eldly. Our auto tracking devices will let you know where your car, truck, or motorcycle is in real time. A personal tracking device will give you the answers to you need to protect whatever you value most. Want to get one? Take action for it now. Buylink: http://www.jimilab.com/contact/.

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Comprehensive Interpretation of Asset Tracker System Application

Want to be a fishing expert? Why not consider waterproof GPS?

For fishman or amateurs for fishing, the way to read the bottom of the lake by the map and insure where the fishes are is quite important, you can have a more efficient areas of lake but blind to look for, looking forward to the fish appear automatically. Some fish shops may provide maps to you but these are often lack true accuracy. Here is a quite valuable advice, using a waterproof GPS. This GPS technology make your fishing expeditions much more rewarding, it has more accurate method more than other navigation. One waterproof GPS will tell you where you are and how far where you want to go away from you. Do you know? waterproof GPS is an necessary tool in fishmen’s mind at present.

Why so many fishmen choose waterproof GPS to go fishing? One waterproof GPS can be quite useful, for example, if you try to find a particular place where you have been told or some places which you have gotten fishing successfully, you can arrive at the spot again by this waterproof GPS. When you met some terrible weather so that can not distinguish right direction such as dark, fog environment, but it has no effect on operation of waterproof GPS. In an emergency, you can call someone with your coordinates and they can know where you are, find you easily, you need to know these are quite useful information what show your position with the depth of water at your location. There is another waterproof GPS with a map chip for your area will give you your postion relative to water dept, land features and harbor entrances, using this feature can catch the fishes which under the bottom of your boat such a sLake trout, this technology is very effective for them. These map data is loaded onto a waterproof GPS to provide detailed location information. Many of these maps are avaiable in the hunting and gaming sections of offical state website, such as GPS tracking system for terrestrial navigation, these waterproof GPSs all depends on the function of orbiting satellites. Due to there GPS trackers are complex, some countries even provide some courses to help them use it well. In addition, you also can share tips on good fishing spots with your buddies and other fishmen through the waterproof GPS.

waterproof GPS

In fact, this GPS technology has developed more and more quickly, Many of the technologies have been used for terrestrial positioning and submarine tracking are now being implemented in everyday fishing activities, ranging from navigation to digital underwater view. These devices have such functions such as identifying, recording and sharing important data about fishing areas and activities as simple as a portable tracker click of a button.

Even though these GPS waterproof have so many advantages, there still some people also do not like to choose to use it, because they think it is complex. One of the main reasons is that they have many spot or a boat landing, but it is quite useful to find a place again. After you use your waterproof GPS for a period of time, you will be familiar with this operation, then you can make a more complex plan such as setting up a navigation route that leads you to a series of water points. There are two ways to use these devices based on GPS technology, one way is that add a waterproof GPS to what is a GPS tracker your boat or purchase a portable waterproof GPS. Either can help you fish more safely and effectively, regardless of where or how you are fishing.

Waterproof GPS is essential on any fishing trip. You won’t get lost and you’ll find your way back from even the remotest locations. Up here, have you interested for the GPS tracking service, Why not take actions now? Jimilab’s waterproof GPS is on hot sale because of its high-quality and low-price, want to know more? Welcome to contact us online at Skype: jimilab. Jimilab will be your perfect choice!

Want to be a fishing expert? Why not consider waterproof GPS?