GPS Tracking Software for GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker and asset management are important components of many industries including aviation, shipping, commercial trucking and fishing. For business owners in these industries, careful vehicle tracking and other asset tracking using GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software can result in increased efficiency of operations and thousands of dollars in savings. Below are examples of how GPS tracking software can help any business with GPS vehicle tracking.

Multi-GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06 :After the installation of a small GPS tracking device in every vehicle within a company fleet, GPS tracking software is now capable of tracking multiple vehicles at one time, allowing business owners interested in GPS vehicle tracking the capability of seeing the location of all of their company vehicles simultaneously on one screen. This advancement in vehicle tracking has several advantages for business owners.For example, a business owner using GPS vehicle tracking can easily select the best response vehicle for a job based on their location. If GPS tracking software shows that Driver A is 10 minutes away from a call that has been assigned to Driver B who is 30 minutes away, a business owner could easily reassign the call to Driver A and subsequently reduce both fuel consumption and staff hours on that particular call by two-thirds with the advantage of GPS vehicle tracking.

GPS Tracker GT06N in Real Time:GPS tracking software can assist business owners with GPS vehicle tracking through the feature of real time updates. The real time updates provided by today’s GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software allow business owners instant access to information on the location of their company assets at any time, and give them the ability to immediately respond to problems or emergencies including everything from inappropriate employee actions to the theft of a company vehicle.


Internet Advantages for GT06 GPS Tracker Price : As GPS tracking software is increasingly web-based, business owners interested in GPS vehicle tracking can gain access to real-time asset and vehicle tracking from anywhere in the world. In addition, most web-based GPS tracking software includes unlimited updates for a monthly subscription fee, a convenient option for maintaining the most up-to-date features in GPS vehicle tracking.

Customized Mapping Options for GPS Vehicle Tracking:GPS tracking software for vehicle tracking now offers customizable mapping options which allow users to incorporate their own highly-detailed maps. GPS tracking software for vehicle tracking can include digital, marine or paper maps that provide information right down to street level. Using customized maps, GPS tracking software and vehicle tracking can easily be incorporated into any business.

As fuel and insurance costs continue to rise rapidly, GPS vehicle tracking with the use of GPS tracking software can be an efficient choice for any business by reducing fuel consumption and increasing the security of company assets.

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GPS Tracking Software for GPS Vehicle Tracker

High Sensitivity – GPS Tracking Devices

We are now ready to exploit all this knowledge to study the design of A-GPS receivers that have much greater sensitivity than standard Chinese GPS Tracker . If you are designing a high-sensitivity receiver, then it is essential to understand the relationship of these signals to each other and the effects of each of the receiver components on the signal. Once you understand the processing gain of each part of the receiver, then it is a small step to understand how to increase that gain and thus increase the sensitivity of the receiver. However, even if you are not designing a receiver, it is still important to understand the relationship of the signal strength at the antenna to the correlation response. This is because the measure of a high sensitivity receiver is its ability to acquire and track weak signals. The only way of knowing how weak the signals actually are, in practice, is for the receiver to tell you, and the way the receiver knows is by back-calculating the signal strength from the measured height of the correlation response. The receiver has no way of directly measuring the signal at the antenna or in the front end. Only after the receiver has created the correlation response does it have a measure of what the signal at the antenna was. Moreover, there is no such thing as a separate signal-strength meter that you can plug into a GPS antenna to measure the strength of the signals. The GPS receiver is the signal strength meter.

 GPS Tracking Devices

The problem of building high-sensitivity receivers and measuring how good they are is analogous to building a fast car and measuring how fast it is going with the speedometer. The car maker also builds the speedometer. The speedometer actually measures how fast the wheels are turning. Only if the manufacturer correctly calibrates the rotation rate of the wheels to the diameter of the inflated tire will the speed reading actually be correct. What about radar guns, or other external measures? The Vehicle GPS Tracking Device equivalent of the radar gun is the RF simulator, which can generate RF signals with known signal strength, and these can be used to calibrate the receiver in an analogous way to calibrating a car’s speedometer.
Even with a simulator, however, things are not as simple as they seem. If you are evaluating or integrating high-sensitivity receivers, then you need to be aware of details such as thermal noise sources. A Wireless GPS Tracker For Car  generates thermal noise at room temperature, while the actual GPS satellites are in space where the temperature can be almost at absolute zero (0K, or –273°C). The simulator’s thermal noise must be correctly accounted for. If you are not evaluating or integrating a receiver, but simply using it in practice, then you are like the car buyer who must trust that the speedometer is telling the truth. In all cases, it is certainly useful to understand what goes on between the antenna and the correlation response. When A-GPS is combined with massive parallel correlation, processing gain can be as much as 30 dB (1,000 times) more than for a standard Chinese GPS Manufacturers . This allows the high-sensitivity receiver to acquire signals and work in many places where GPS was not previously possible, even, sometimes, indoors.
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High Sensitivity – GPS Tracking Devices