Wireless GPS For Car is suitable for use on bus

NEW DELHI: It would soon be possible for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to track the movement of its 4,000 odd buses and passengers might also be able to locate, in real time, the bus they want to board.
The transport corporation will be floating a tender shortly for the installation of Global Positioning System (GPS) in all its 3,944 buses. According to sources in Delhi government’s transport department, DTC is also going to come up with a call centre from where real time movement of all its buses would be tracked.
There are also plans to come up with a mobile application for commuters so that they can find out the available buses from their location to their destination.Even though DTC buses are equipped with GPS Device China, most of them are non-functional at the moment. The location and movement of DTC buses was supposed to be tracked by Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), for which it has been billing DTC since 2010, but it has failed to provide real time data to DTC, a transport department official said.
DTC will now install GPS devices in its buses itself and the decision was finalised in a meeting chaired by transport minister Kailash Gahlot on Tuesday. In the meeting, it was decided that DTC would go for ‘cost model’, in which the estimated cost of these devices would be first devised and then an approval from the DTC board would be taken, before going ahead with floating the tender.”The monitoring of data from GPS devices in DTC buses was being done by DIMTS but the result was not satisfactory. As a result, DIMTS was given a notice of termination a month ago and the agreement has now been terminated,” a transport department official said. “DTC is now free to install GPS devices in its buses on its own. It will set up a call centre to track movement of buses and the modalities of operation of this control room would now be worked out.” With the new Wireless GPS For Car, DTC would hopefully be able to track its buses better and pass on the information to its commuters. With real time monitoring of buses becoming possible, it might also be able to properly rationalise its routes.


GT800 high-end Multifunctional Vehicle GPS Tracker, GPS tracker worth choosing.Has the following features:Mediatek Intelligence Chipse. The GT800 adopt high-performance processing chipest-MTK6261D.While reducing the power consumption by a large margin, the accuracy of positioning is greatly increased.

GPS+AGPS Double Positioning:The GT800 support both GPS and AGPS positioning,once there has good GPS signal,it will locate via GPS. At the same tine,AGPS assist GT800 to locate faster. The double positioning allow the location to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly.

IP66 Dust And Waterproof:The GT800 have high precision shell to ensure stable operation in tough environment.It is not only not afraid of dust, but also don’t worry about being splashed by water.

Voice Monitoring:When MIC and speaker are connected,use pre-set SOS number to send command JT# to the device. Device would automatically call you back in a second. Pick up and monitor the vocie inside the vehicle.

Wire Cut-off Alarm:When the electricity supply of device is cut off,it will activate cut-off alarm.In this case,the GT800 will send related SMS to the SOS numbers and dial the numbers in circles.The call will keeps 3 loops.

Oil Cut-off:When the phone receives an abnormal alarm,We can send oil cut-off command on a platform.To make sure the security of vehicle,tracker can only indicate to cut off oil when GPS is in valid position status,and the speed is less than 20km/h.

SOS Emergency calling:The GT800 have Independent SOS key,Press SOS button for 3 seconds to activate SOS alarm.Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset SOS numbers and dial the numbers in a loop for 3 times until one of them answers.Finally,send location to platform.

Door Detection :The GT800 is bale to detec door status.It uploads car status to platform and APP timely.When car door’s status is negative triggering,there is no need to set.Instead,if car door status is positive triggering,the triggering way has to be modified.
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Wireless GPS For Car is suitable for use on bus

3G gps tracker multifunctional tracking device lets you track any car, anywhere in the country

Looking for an affordable fleet tracking solution for you small business? Or maybe you just want to keep track of your kids and make sure that you can pinpoint their locations anytime at the drop of a hat. the Concox GT06E 3G GPS Tracker Multifunctional Tracking Device with 3G GPS Tracking is the way to go. This tiny box plugs into the standard OBD port on any car, van or truck and uses a combination of GPS Tracker China Manufacturer and cellular tracking to pinpoint a vehicle’s location anywhere in the country. You can also set geofences and all sorts of other alerts, all without any monthly contracts.

Concox GPS tracker

3G High-speed Transmission Data,Vehicle Tracking China:

The GT06E supports WCDMA 3G high-speed data transmission, which can reach 7.2 M/s, The 3G high-speed data transfer rate is nearly 43 times the speed of the 2G network,Let you get rid of the 2G worries,enjoy a quick and exciting life.

Voice Monitoring

Any SOS number calls the device and keep ringing for more than 10s,the device will enter voice monitoring status,we can monitor the sound around the device.The device will not make any noise during the monitoring process.

SOS Emergency calling

The GT06E have Independent SOS key,Press SOS button for 3 seconds to activate SOS alarm.Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset SOS numbers and dial the numbers in a loop for 3 times until one of them answers.Finally,send location to platform.

Vibration Alarm

When GT06E vehicles GPS tracker vibrates sereval times,the vibration alarm will be triggered.If no ignition after 3 minutes(ACC OFF),it will send an alarm message to the platform and an alarm SMS to preset SOS number.

Chargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

When the electricity supply of the GT06E is cut off,it will activate cut-off alarm.The built-in lithium battery equipment continue to work.The GT06E will send related SMS to the SOS numbers.Let the thief nowhere to run.

Oil Cut-off

When the phone receives an abnormal alarm,We can send oil cut-off command on a platform.

To make sure the security of vehicle,tracker can only indicate to cut off oil when

GPS is in valid position status,and the speed is less than 20km/h.

The Move Alarm

When your car moves out the pre-set distance(when ACC is off and GPS is fixed).The GT06E will send a position move alarm information to your phone to make sure your car is safe.

Find Your Car Easily

We can find our car by triggering light and buzzer by send a command”FIND#”.After receives the command,it will control turn light relay or horn relay by the yellow line of extended port,so as to trigger the car’s light or horn.

Door Detection

The device is bale to detec door status.It uploads car status to platform and APP timely.When car door’s status is negative triggering,there is no need to set.Instead,if car door status is positive triggering,the triggering way has to be modified.

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3G gps tracker multifunctional tracking device lets you track any car, anywhere in the country

How China GPS System work in low temperatures

Car GPS tracker system affect by winter temperatures, there are certain hazards that are much more difficult to control. When it comes to electronics, exposure to extreme temperatures is one of the greatest of such hazards. There are certain hazards that are much more difficult to control, while it’s relatively easy to prevent physical damage to your devices with proper installation and protective cases. Learn to prevent physical damage to your devices with proper installation and protective cases and the weather-related issues before they will start are very necessary.

In winter, personal vehicles generally remain at home with their owners while most fleet trucks will be out on the roads, because drivers are expected to stick to their schedules. By utilizing China GPS System, prepare your vehicles for extremely weather when the icy storms are upon us and the roads become dangerous to navigate will become easier a great way to get started is by utilizing GPS tracking. The important thing about GPS trackers is that they can aid in keeping drivers actively safe.GPS trackers help management keep track of scheduled maintenance. Always make sure that your fleet is properly winterized and prepared for snow, ice, and slush in the colder months. A GPS tracker system will make this type of work much quicker, easier and cheaper by recording fault codes and engine diagnostics. When encounter complications during driving, managers will have immediate action in order to solve the problem.

The primary reason cold weather can be so tough on electronic equipment result in the cold weather can affect the internal components. While many of today’s technologies can be quite resilient in cold, other devices can be susceptible to significant issues in above-zero cold temperatures. How to prevent the influence of the weather in winter is a task for every vehicle owner, and there are some suggestion concerning at following for readers.Keep truck cabin temperatures above freezing by running the heat appropriately by installing a trusted durable GPS device in the vehicle that will not be easily affected by extremely temperature. For example GT03A/C Magnetic China GPS tracker is extremely easy and flexible to install using strong magnetic design. IP65 protection allows it to operate even in extreme working environment. With large built-in battery, the device is suitable for asset tracking, vehicle tracking, cargo tracking, race motorcycle tracking, etc.

Poor driving conditions, low visibility, and icy roads can be just as dangerous for your equipment—not to mention your drivers. For winter driving risks, hire drivers who have good driving records and a strong sense of responsibility and respect for safety. Make sure that they aren’t prone to speeding or making other unsafe choices with their truck. Clearly, GPS solution of Jimilab can improve the communication between drivers and managers as well as make it much easier to prepare both for the winter season.

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How China GPS System work in low temperatures

Chinese GPS Device can be used for many different purposes in many ways

Chinese GPS Device can be used for many different purposes in many ways. No matter to track the kids, the elderly or the one who need special care for peace in mind, to use Vehicle GPS Tracking Device for fleet management then enhance efficiency, or to ensure security in outside for outdoor enthusiast with GPS Tracking Devices For People, the placement of the device is an essential to create a good working situation of tracking system to detect movement on web in real time. If you have an incorrect installation, it might be affected to receive location data in some ways or cause poor tracking result.


Personal GPS Tracking Device :Some GPS Personal Tracker are so small that they can literally fit into the palm of your hand, these can easily be concealed using various other items. They are usually small fit inside a purse or bag that the individual feels comfortable carrying. You simply switch the device on and it will begin transmitting the person’s location. If your child rides a bike to school on a regular basis, installing a bike-pack and placing a GPS tracker within it can be extraordinarily effective. Smaller tracking units are designed to clasp onto the child’s clothing or belt. These much smaller units are ideal if your family is visiting an amusement park or other outdoor public forum

GPS Tracking For Cars:Because the GPS locator and the car’s internal power supply connection, so as to ensure that all day monitoring in the positioning, so the front windshield is next to the power supply where the locator installation easy operation. However, the hidden place or need to carefully choose to see the general experienced operators will be installed in the windshield and decorative plate itself, where the appearance can not to see at the same time and the power of the distance closer to facilitate the operation and delivery Electric treatment. In the installation process to see if the windshield is installed above the heating layer, because some vehicles in winter in order to avoid the frost, will add some heating layer inside to get rid of the fog, at this time if the locator installed inside, receiving The effect of the signal will also have a certain impact, so before installation we still pay special attention.

If you’re looking for covert tracking, a hardwired tracker may be the solution for you. They’re perfect for hidden tracking, because they’re installed within the dash, much like a car stereo. And, since they’re powered by the vehicle, you don’t have to worry about retrieving the tracker to charge it. It’s a good place because the driver can’t easily find it and the device can still pick up satellite signals from there, which are the two main things you should consider when you try to hide GPS tracker on a car.

There are lots of GPS tracking devicesout there foe GPS solution, though some of them may be better for your needs than others, mini portable tracker for personal use, asset GPS tracker and GPS tracker for vehicle. No matter what kind of tracker you purchase, installing a GPS tracker should be simple and relatively effortless.

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Chinese GPS Device can be used for many different purposes in many ways

The Benefits offered by Personal GPS Homing Device

The commercial Personal GPS Homing Device industry is rapidly growing, and many new companies are entering the market, making it tough for companies that desire this service to find the right partner. More and more companies are discovering the tremendous benefits offered by GPS fleet tracking services with GPS Tracking Devices and how can benefit from GPS Solution, the details are following.

1. Always on time
smart scheduling and real-time traffic updates enable efficient routing, so your trucks can get where they need to be on time, increasing positive customer experiences.
2. Lowered fuel costs
Along with smarter routing, built-in sensors monitor drivers’ tendencies, allowing managers to create vehicle protocol sand hold driver`s accountable for efficient fuel usage.
3. Increased overall productivity
All of these systems blanket your entire operation, enabling you to keep your business running smoothly and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
4. Grow your bottom line
By completing more work orders per day, lowering fuel costs and simply running a more efficient business, you can grow your bottom line.

Concox GPS tracker

1. Repeated tardiness
Between getting lost, taking long routes, getting stuck in traffic and inefficient scheduling, your technicians are always making customers wait.
2. Higher fuel costs
Fuel usage is uncontrollable if your employees are taking haphazard routes, wasting gas with improper driving habits and taking advantage of vehicle pillages.
3. Operational inefficiencies
A lack of these operational systems will inevitably lead to inefficiency in the field that will damage customer experiences and cost your business money in the long run.
4. Struggle to stay afloat
Without the ability to effectively manage, all your assets in the field, you won ‘t be able to deliver position customer experiences and compete against other service providers.

GPS technology plays an important role in many industries, if you are looking for a durable GPS Tracking Devices with features you expect, come to check out what is your favorite one in Concox for best GPS Cell Phone Tracking Device.

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The Benefits offered by Personal GPS Homing Device

The accuracy of GPS Tracker China

GPS Tracker China applied in our modern life quite widely. Satellite navigation systems have rendered the art of map-reading practically common. Multi-billion dollar apps such as Uber rely entirely on it, and farmers use Mini GPS Tracker to plough their fields with millimeter precision. Less visibly but just as crucially that is the clock by which the world keeps time. Critical infrastructure such as telecoms, broadcast and electricity networks use the synchronized readings from GPS satellites to manage the vein-like systems they operate, smartphones set their clocks by GPS Solution and financial markets use it to allow high-frequency trading to work properly.
Anyone who uses GPS Tracking Device knows the systems are accurate only within a few yards: You might be on a frontage road when it says you’re on the highway. That’s not good enough for autonomous cars, which need pinpoint precision. With autonomous cars, accuracy is critical, High-precision GPS is a missing piece, the only sensors to give absolute precision in time, with actual latitude and longitude. Every self-driving company out there is almost certainly using GPS Tracking Device in some fashion for understanding where the cars are in the world. But some autonomous vehicles use regular GPS tracker for car in order to get a general sense of where the cars are

Concox gps tracker.001
Specification of the GPS accuracy for various receivers is subject to much marketing terminology, as each manufacturer is trying to show their equipment to its best. Also GPS accuracy is difficult to describe, especially in simple terms and in data sheets where space is at a premium. However for the typical Satellite navigation used in automobiles, the accuracy is sufficient to enable the receiver to track the position against the known map stored in the Satellite navigation.

However, so far, it’s not clear that most autonomous vehicle makers agree. While driverless cars use a variety of sensors, including a laser form of radar, radar and cameras, few companies have discussed using pinpoint precision GPS. Some company like Swift is trying to address that with GPS systems that it says are accurate to the centimeter. Swift has installed Skylark receivers in cities that are hotbeds of autonomous driving development. They just need a handful to cover a metropolitan area; it’s not like building a cell phone network where you need one on every block, this can be quite a sparse network.

The accuracy expected to be obtained using a GPS Made In China will vary according to the overall system used. While accuracy level actually achieved will depend upon many factors, typical estimations of the level of GPS accuracy can be given.

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The accuracy of GPS Tracker China

China GPS System solution and In-depth review of your fleet management

The beginning of the New Year is not only a good time to start a new project but also a time to review, reflect and evaluate existing practices and procedures. Now is the best time to do that, here are some aspects that you might going to give a closer look.

Need adjustment for your Vehicle specification? How long haven`t reviewed your “standard” vehicle specification? New resolution of tools and technologies come out every day, though you may not always need the latest one, weather it is a big surprise if look at your options to see adjusting a vehicle specification can get you drive further per gallon than ever before, help you attract drivers or allow you to operate in a safer manner. GPS Personal Tracker Solution may be a good way to assist the better operation.


The issue of safety should be notice. It’s seems like you need to do a lot of job with safety training while go over on-boarding process, but are you realize that how important that reinforcing safety throughout the year? The operation safe driver report told me that there is room for improvement. Law enforcement personnel issued close to 39,000 citations to drivers of commercial vehicles during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s October Operation Safe Driver Week. Eighty-four percent of the citations were for moving violations and speeding accounted for 7.4% of the violations. Clearly there is room for improvement in building a safety culture at all fleets. GPS technology will rank employees based on driving behavior through alert you in instances of driver speeding and excessive driving activity, thus ensure safty.
Lower cost of fuel and better MPGs: In order to get the most miles out of a gallon of fuel, what are you trying to do all you can? Fuel efficiency improvement is more than making sure the vehicle has the right combination of technologies on it. It also means engaging drivers in the process of squeezing every tenth of a mile out of a gallon of fuel. Also, China GPS System tracker can analyze factors during traveling like mileage, stationary time, routes taken, that exactly can help to draw up cost strategies for the future and save on fuel and time as well.

Mentioning how to improved operational efficiency, One key to improve your overall operational efficiency is that right trucks with the right trailers running the right routes. Right size of your fleet and look at ways to optimize routing and eliminate empty back hauls. The on-going problem for the trucking industry is to find and retain people, all result in that we need the right people in the right jobs and to be successful. Review your hiring, on-boarding and retention efforts. Are you doing all you can to attract and keep the best and the greatest? If not, start the New Year by alerting your hiring practices so that you can find and keep the people you need to be successful.

For we have much to do in running our businesses at the most of the time, that we are too busy to look at the big picture and improve efficiency, that is why we ignore a lot aspects where we could make effort on it. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to take a top down look at your organization and make the necessary changes to ensure success in 2018.

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China GPS System solution and In-depth review of your fleet management